The lunch you prepared for us today was some of the most delicious food I've had in a long time.  You are a culinary wizard!  I think you are an amazing chef, but, in addition, it's the type of food that I love and you can taste the LOVE in the food.  What a beautiful gesture, what wonderful, delicious food and thank you for such a great gift.  I absolutely loved it.

— Lynne Kromer, Librarian


Healthy and Delicious

I have known Nagham for twenty-two years and we met in the food industry. I have watched her culinary skills become more and more refined and her repertoire expand.  I admire her ability to make anything taste fabulous, whether it be an elaborate biryani or a simple sandwich!  Her middle eastern food is the best I've ever had and I always look forward to a meal I know is healthy and delicious!

—Anjali Kala

Creative and Thoughtfully Prepared

The menu was  creative and thoughtfully prepared. The flavors were fresh with unique ingredients. Overall excellent!

—Sangeeta Kashyap MD, Professor of Medicine


Nagham’s cooking and presentation is always outstanding, it is always fresh, flavorful and fantastic. She has a variety of cuisine from Middle Eastern to American and anything that she has prepared has always been very tasteful and fresh.  She is highly recommended.

—Cathy Cain, RN Cleveland Clinic

Freshest Ingredients

Nagham’s food is simply delicious. The food is fresh, homemade with the best, freshest ingredients.   I have eaten her meals on several occasions and the food is always wonderful. She truly is a professional.

—Lisa Iafelice,  RN- Cleveland Clinic


Nagham is a marvelous cook. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying her flavorful cuisine and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone.
—Leo Zimmerman

Magic, Delightful

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Nagham work in the kitchen. She works magic with whatever ingredients are handed to her, concocting delightful and tasty dishes. Highly recommended.

—Frank Revy, Financial Planner


This was an Authentic, Mediterranean food with great taste and fresh ingredients. The highlight of my meal was the stew, that was quite flavorful and tasty, without being too spicy. At the end of my meal, I was very satisfied with the quality and flavor of my meal. Everyone who ate with us absolutely enjoyed it too!

—Dr. Rosebel Monteiro