Shrimp Ceviche, with bagel chips

Pineapple, jalapeño salsa with pita crisps

Sweet & sour turkey balls with croutons

Artichoke hearts with tartar sauce


Bistro beet salada, with pickled onion dressing

Tuna Nicoise salada, with lemon garlic aioli

Wild tips salada, with pomegranate ginger dressing

Tabouli parsley salada, with lemon and olive oil

Dip It!!

Hummas, mashed chickpeas, with pita chips

Babagahnooj, grilled eggplant, with soft pita

Foulmudmes, fava beans and tahini, with tandori khubiz

Tahini beet dip, with bagel chips

Flats & Crunches

Chicken & Sumac flat bread

Arugula and zaatar flat crostini

Cream cheese and cucumber crostini


Gyro burger with cucumber feta salad

Falafel pocket with diced salad and turnips

Chicken pita wrap with tahini

Beef shawarma with Gallic parsley sauce


Bulgar kibbeh role with Laban Jajek Sauce

Samosas with chutney

Falafel, chickpea fritter

Potato kibbeh with parsley cabbage salad

Rice, Rice, Rice

Shirin Polow, assorted nuts, spiced rice with herbs

Biryani, mixed veggies and/or desired meat with rice

Maklube, upside-down rice

Tanoori Grilling & more

Grilled kefta, ground beef

Grilled chicken cubes

Grilled veggies assortment

Meat fatayer

Garlic and onion fatayer