Personal Chef

We will create a customized meal plan, shop for all groceries, prepare the meal, and clean up the kitchen.


For personal or business needs. Ranging from large, elegant events to casual, intimate gatherings.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to use fresh, local ingredients to prepare spectacular meals in your own home.

Culinary Unleashed

"My mission is to provide an extraordinary culinary experience filled with hearty, delectable foods that delight and intrigue. Bringing my personal international sensibility to cooking, I create a unique infusion of global flavors and textures featuring pure, locally grown ingredients. Calling on traditions including Lebanese, Italian, Indian, Iraqi, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Iranian, and Moroccan (among others) my bliss is presenting healthy nourishment that embodies joyful eating."
—Nagham Tahir

About Nagham

Nagham Tahir is a Mediterranean chef, who finished 2nd in her class of hospitality management and can simply transform a hotdog into a delicacy and white rice into a complete banquet. She possesses an international cooking flare that will make your palates wonder what it is that you are eating. At the end, it is all about the experience.

From an early age, Nagham connected deeply to the fine art of cooking. This journey has taken her from her family kitchen in to the rarefied role of private chef for the princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates while they received medical treatment in Cleveland. Her expertise in Middle Eastern and Gulf food is extensive, inviting the patronage of discerning clients who require mother and family tradition via lively cuisine delivered one delectable meal at a time.


"Every bite is made with so much love and flavor
you will feel it!"

—Marciel (Nagham's son)


Menus are customized to fit your culinary preferences, dietary needs, event location, and budget. Please contact Nagham to discuss the menu options that are best for your event.